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The young and beautiful Mirja gets an invitation to a groupsexparty from her boyfriend to the “Club of Revealings”. As she realizes what´s going on in that club, she refuses and has a disagreement with Joan. Joan just leaves her in the woods. Mirja takes refuge at the mansion of an open-minded couple, who let her in on the secrets of “The Lust about threesome-love”. Now that she has tasted the full of relish, she now can live out her sexual fantasies and so she gets to know herself from a very new side… In the wild nightlife of the 70ies you´ll soon get to notice, how these girls are craving for sex in the hot discorhythm.

Heidi makes them all yodel


Dr. Scharfstein has hallen in love with another girl and has left our Heidi all alone. Her brother Xavier jumps in for the horny doctor and takes care of all his old patients…. Heidi can not forget until she encounters a handsome man who captures her heart. A funny film made by Gunter Otto, creator of the Josefine Mutzenbacher series.

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While Larissa moves to a new house, she discovers hidden cameras everywhere in the flat. As she asks her previous tenant, she comes to know some nasty things about the daily routine of the all time horny callgirl, who made her hobby as her job… After she has been elucidated about the financial abilities, she decides to take the things with her own mouth…erm hands, and she wants to go the same way like her antecessor… Director from this movie: Hans Bilian. This is one of the first Hardcore-Motion Pictures, which were running across the cinemas in Germany.

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Parker, a vampire-hunter, sneaks under false pretenses into the castle of count Dracula, to finish the wild orgies. But as he enters the crypt, he gets creeped over by doubts about his mission. The more he fights against these horny vampires, the more he sinks into the suction of this uncontrolled erotic odyseey. In the beginning unmonitored, he spies at two lesbian ladies… But this story takes an unexpected ending… A new movie produced by Herzog Video with an amazing revenue and it comes to you in Wide-Screen-Format.

Bonifatius Kiesewetter


Bonifatius was supposed to be studying for a degree but the horny baroness doesn`t give him a single moment of rest. Everywhere she goes, she always has a wet pussy waiting for his hard cock and demanding every drop of his manhood!

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In house Volmer everything always gets crazy. Every month they have the hottest sex orgies and wild parties. During these wild fuckparties the guests enjoy the bizarre games of the host. Although some wives are not good for the other visitors they are still welcome, the men can of course just have fun with the other ladies there!